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Wholesale Tropical Flowers from Hawaii

A great experience. Never thought that I could have fresh Hawaiian leis 'in my cooler the next day'. It was a hit with my customers and I sold out in hours! - JT

Your prices are better than our local supplier and the product is always fresher too! I'm glad I switched! - LL

We have been having a hard time with our current supplier of tropicals, but you saved us money and solved our problem. Thank you very much! - DN

What a great surprise. We normally don't offer tropicals but after I ordered your sampler box, sales took off! I'm ordering again tomorrow. - GH

Our sampler box order comes in every week right on time. It is always the freshest and most beautiful. With the economy slowing, exotics are making the sales difference for us! - DD

I've never had an easier time ordering! Love your website and your always fresh flowers. Your tropicals set my shop apart from the competition. - PD

Flowers were amazingly beautiful and delivered on time for an important fund-raiser in Cheyenne, WY. It was a critical delivery and I had no problems. - VP

This about the seventh time I have ordered flowers from you and the flowers are always awesome. They seem to last two or three times longer. Great business and I love the free delivery. - LB

Tropical flowers and leis arrived in perfect condition from Hawaii to Texas. I will do business with you again, and highly recommend you to anyone needing tropical flowers. - VC

I have worked with your company before and you have been extremely responsive, patient and knowledgeable. Please let everyone know that I highly recommend THE BEST: Wholesale-Tropical-Flowers.com, to anyone who wants first-class quality and service. - DS

Our standing order has constantantly sold well for us and now we are getting more interest in your fresh leis! Keep up the great work. - JK

Excellent service delivered exactly as promised on your website. Great customer service too. - KL

This was a very easy purchase to make, and I definitely will be doing business with you again when I want to make a big splash-wow impression. - GT

I ordered for Valentine's and Mother's Day 6 months in advance and everything went off without a hitch. Huge order, very fresh, and right on time! Thank you. I really appreciate that you don't raise prices before holidays too! - GA

We are happy to say that your tropicals always sell, so we'd like to place our first standing order. Great job! - JT

Outstanding service and products. Was kept well informed of the status of my order and the products were of great quality. I highly recommend Wholesale-Tropical-Flowers.com to everyone. Please say I said so! - JCH

I've sold nearly 100 leis for graduations and homecomings. There was a big demand and my markup was great! Can't wait for next year... - AD

Our small town had never offered leis for graduation before. Wow, what a HIT! Now we do luau parties too! - RS

I am extremely pleased each and every time I order from you. The tropical flowers are gorgeous and the orchid plants I recently ordered are gorgeous also. - DD

Just what I needed to offer something fresh and new, and its from Hawaii! I let my customers know that, too. You've got a customer for life! - TG

Sometimes the weather here is cold and dreary. When that happens I offer tropicals and get a huge response. Christmas is nuts here! - HJ

I've already ordered for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. I got exactly what I wanted. Can't wait for the big delivery. - WS

Your orchid plants are a bargain and I can't keep them on the shelves! Your customer service is to notch too. - ED

Ecstatic with their freshness and their beauty. THANK YOU! I definitely give you a hearty two thumbs up!!! - MH

My tropicals had never been fresh enough to generate an interest with my clients. Now that I buy from the farm our tropical sales are way up! - MK

Everyone should buy direct from the farm. Everyone should buy tropicals and leis directly from you. Couldn't be happier. - NH
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Blush Anthurium - Mini$2.40Add
Blush Anthurium - Small$2.84Add
Blush Anthurium - Medium$3.50Add
Blush Anthurium - Large $3.70Add
Dark Red Anthurium - MiniSale: $1.25Add
Dark Red Anthurium - SmallSale: $1.75Add
Dark Red Anthurium - MediumSale: $2.00Add
Dark Red Anthurium - LargeSale: $3.00Add
Green and Red Obake - Mini$2.40Add
Green and Red Obake - Small $2.80Add
Green and Red Obake Medium$3.50Add
Green and Red Obake - Large $3.70Add
Green-Midori Anthurium - Mini$2.40Add
Green-Midori Anthurium Small$2.84Add
Green-Midori Anthurium - Medium $3.64Add
Green-Midori Anthurium Large $4.20Add
Lime Anthurium - Mini$2.40Add
Lime Anthurium - Small$2.84Add
Lime Anthurium - Medium$3.28Add
Lime Anthurium - Large SOLD OUT$3.71Add
Orange Anthurium - Mini$2.40Add
Orange Anthurium - Small$2.84Add
Orange Anthurium - Medium $3.28Add
Orange Anthurium - Large$3.71Add
Pink Anthurium - Mini$2.40Add
Pink Anthurium - Small$2.84Add
Pink Anthurium - Medium - SOLD OUT$3.28Add
Pink Anthurium - Large SOLD OUT$3.75Add
Pink and Green Obake - Mini$2.40Add
Pink and Green Obake - Small$2.84Add
Pink and Green Obake - Medium$3.28Add
Pink and Green Obake - Large SOLD OUT$3.85Add
Rainbow Obake - Mini$2.40Add
Rainbow Obake - Small$2.84Add
Rainbow Obake Medium$3.25Add
Rainbow Obake -large (please call for availability) $3.75Add
Red Anthurium - Mini$1.75Add
Red Anthurium - Small$2.19Add
Red Anthurium - Medium$2.80Add
Red Anthurium - Large $3.06Add
Speckled Anthurium - Mini$2.67Add
Speckled Anthurium - Small$2.95Add
Speckled Anthurium - Medium$3.64Add
Speckled Anthurium - Large$4.12Add
Tropic Ice Anthurium - Mini$2.40Add
Tropic Ice Anthurium - Small$2.84Add
Tropic Ice Anthurium - Medium $3.28Add
Tropic Ice Anthurium - Large$3.71Add
Fuji White with a hint of Pink Anthurium - mini SOLD OUT $2.40Add
Fuji White with a hint of Pink Anthurium - Small$2.60Add
Fuji White with a hint of Pink Anthurium - Medium$3.20Add
White Anthurium - Large SOLD OUT$3.70Add
Lavender Tulip Anthurium - Small$1.75Add
Lavender Tulip Anthurium - Medium SOLD OUT$2.00Add
Pink Tulip Anthurium - Small SOLD OUT$1.65Add
Pink Tulip Anthurium - Medium SOLD OUT$2.00Add
Purple Tulip Anthurium - SmallSale: $1.00Add
Purple Tulip Anthurium - MediumSale: $1.25Add
Red Tulip Anthurium - Small$1.75Add
Red Tulip Anthurium - Medium$2.19Add
White Tulip Anthurium - Small$1.75Add
White Tulip Anthurium - Medium SOLD OUT$2.30Add
Bamboo Orchid Stem - StandardSale: $1.15Add
Bamboo Orchid Stem - PremiumSale: $1.50Add
Bird of Paradise - Standard VERY LIMITED PLEASE CALL $3.50Add
Bird of Paradise - Large OUT OF SEASON $3.71Add
Green Ti Leaf - Standard$0.66Add
Green Ti Leaf - Large$1.09Add
Hala Leaf - Standard$0.87Add
Hala Leaf - Long$1.31Add
Hala Leaf - XLong$1.75Add
Heliconia Leaf - Standard$1.96Add
Heliconia Leaf - Large$2.19Add
Monstera Leaf - Mini VERY LIMITED PLS CALL $1.50Add
Monstera Leaf - Standard - LIMITED PLEASE CALL $2.62Add
Monstera Leaf - Medium$3.93Add
Monstera Leaf - Large$5.45Add
Monstera Leaf - XLarge$6.55Add
Areca Palm Leaf - Mini$1.15Add
Areca Palm Leaf - Standard$1.75Add
Areca Palm Leaf - Medium$2.40Add
Areca Palm Leaf - Large$3.06Add
Areca Palm Leaf - Xlarge$3.71Add
King Sago Palm Leaf - Standard$2.84Add
King Sago Palm Leaf - Medium$3.71Add
King Sago Palm Leaf - Large$4.58Add
Phoenix Palm Leaf - Standard$1.94Add
Phoenix Palm Leaf - Medium$2.40Add
Phoenix Palm Leaf - Large$3.06Add
Queen Sago Palm Leaf - Standard$4.37Add
Queen Sago Palm Leaf - Medium$5.45Add
Queen Sago Palm Leaf - Large$6.55Add
Queen Sago Palm Leaf - Xlarge$7.64Add
Anthurium Leaf - Standard$1.31Add
Anthurium Leaf - Medium$1.75Add
Anthurium Leaf - Large$2.19Add
Green Dendrobium Spray - Mini$1.96Add
Green Dendrobium Spray - Standard$2.19Add
Green Dendrobium Spray - Medium$2.84Add
Green Dendrobium Spray - Large$3.28Add
Purple Dendrobium Spray - Mini LIMITED $1.53Add
Purple Dendrobium Spray Standard - Limited $2.30Add
Purple Dendrobium Spray - Medium- SOLD OUT$2.84Add
Purple Dendrobium Spray - Large- SOLD OUT$3.28Add
TuTone Dendrobium Spray - Mini- SOLD OUT$1.53Add
TuTone Dendrobium Spray - Standard$2.19Add
TuTone Dendrobium Spray - Medium$2.84Add
TuTone Dendrobium Spray - Large$3.28Add
White Dendrobium Spray - Mini Sale: $1.25Add
White Dendrobium Spray - Standard LIMITEDSale: $2.05Add
White Dendrobium Spray - MediumSale: $2.60Add
White Dendrobium Spray -VERY LIMITED Sale: $2.80Add
Sharry Sharry Baby Oncidium Spray - Mini$1.75Add
Sharry Sharry Baby Oncidium Spray - Standard$2.50Add
Sharry Sharry Baby Oncidium Spray - Medium$3.28Add
Sharry Sharry Baby Oncidium Spray - Large$4.37Add
Yellow Oncidium Spray - Mini$1.75Add
Yellow Oncidium Spray - Standard$1.90Add
Yellow Oncidium Spray - Medium$2.60Add
Yellow Oncidium Spray - Large$3.00Add
Pink Mini Cymbidium Spray - Medium$24.00Add
Pink Mini Cymbidium Spray Large$28.30Add
White Mini Cymbidium Spray - Standard$10.35Add
Champagne Mini Cymbidium Spray - Medium$24.00Add
Champagne Mini Cymbidium Spray - Large$28.30Add
Yellow Mini Cymbidium Spray - Standard$10.35Add
Green Mini Cymbidium Spray - Medium$24.00Add
Green Mini Cymbidium Spray - Large$28.30Add
Dwarf Brassaia Cluster, GreenSale: $0.45Add
Dwarf Brassaia Cluster, VariegatedSale: $0.45Add
Dracaena Massangeana Leaf$0.66Add
Miniature Ti Leaf$0.66Add
Dracaena Warneckii Leaf$0.66Add
Red Ti Leaf$0.66Add
Maranta Leaf$1.00Add
Ginger Leaf$1.09Add
Uluhe Fern Shoot$1.09Add
Shell Ginger Leaf$1.09Add
Stromanthe LeafSale: $1.25Add
Raphis Palm LeafSale: $1.50Add
Xanadu Philodendron Leaf$1.75Add
Whaleback Palm Leaf$1.75Add
Velvet Touch Calathea Leaf - OUT OF SEASON $1.75Add
Podocarpus Stem$1.96Add
Umbrella Papyrus StemSale: $2.50Add
Egyptian Papyrus StemSale: $2.50Add
Egyptian Papyrus BudSale: $2.50Add
Fishtail Palm FrondletteSale: $3.00Add
Safari Sunset Leucadendron Stem OUT OF SEASON$3.30Add
Fishtail Palm Frond$4.00Add
Fishtail Palm Seed Pod Strand$4.37Add
Kakuma Tree Fern Curl - OUT OF SEASON $5.30Add
100 Pink Vanda Blooms - OUT OF SEASON $17.46Add
100 White Dendrobium Blooms $17.46Add
100 Purple Dendrobium Blooms- LIMITED$20.00Add
100 TuTone Dendrobium Blooms$20.00Add
100 Green Dendrobium Blooms- SOLD OUT$21.83Add
Mayday Protea Stem$2.78Add
Yellow Pincushion Protea Stem - Out of Season$4.37Add
Ivory Mink Protea - OUT OF SEASON$8.50Add
Pink Ice Protea Stem - OUT OF SEASON$8.50Add
Pink Mink Protea Stem - OUT OF SEASON$8.50Add
Duchess Protea - OUT OF SEASON$8.73Add
Sugarbush Protea Stem - OUT OF SEASON$8.73Add
Banksia Protea Stem - OUT OF SEASON$10.92Add
King Protea Stem - OUT OF SEASON$13.00Add
Psittacorum Heliconia Stem $1.31Add
Tropic Fleur Heliconia Stem - Limited $2.50Add
Heliconia, Upright, Guadalupe, Stem$2.50Add
Hidden Lily Ginger Stem $3.00Add
Green Ice Calathea - Limited $3.26Add
Rattlesnake Calathea $3.36Add
Shampoo Ginger Stem OUT OF SEASON$3.36Add
Beehive Stem $4.20Add
Ginger, Torch, Stem $4.50Add
Jungle King Ginger Stem$5.00Add
Richmond Red Heliconia Stem- Very Limited (may need to substitute)$6.45Add
Heliconia, Hanging, Revoluta, Stem$6.65Add
Heliconia, Upright, Firebird, Stem$6.75Add
Heliconia, Upright, Stricta, Stem$6.75Add
Jacqunii Heliconia Stem- Very Limited (may need to substitute)$7.64Add
Giant Lobster Claw Heliconia- Very Limited (may need to substitute)$7.64Add
Heliconia, Upright, St. Rose, Stem$7.98Add
Heliconia, Hanging, Collinsiana - Red with yellow tips$8.00Add
Heliconia, Upright, Criswick, Stem OUT OF SEASON$8.07Add
Sexy Pink Hanging Heliconia Stem- OUT OF SEASON $8.07Add
Bihai Heliconia - Very Limited (may need to substitute)$8.49Add
Yellow Heliconia Caribaea - OUT OF SEASON $8.73Add
Foliage Sampler Box-2 with 27 stems$63.67Add
Foliage Sampler Box-1 with 85 stems$116.32Add
UPDATED October Sampler Box ----- 93 stems$151.00Add
UPDATED September Sampler Box - 78 stems $163.50Add
UPDATED August Sampler Box -110 stems$166.00Add
July Sampler Box ---------- 120 stems $166.00Add
Foliage Sampler Box-3 with 114 stems$170.96Add
November Sampler Box - 100 stems OUT OF SEASON $185.00Add
December Sampler Box - 100 stems OUT OF SEASON $185.00Add
Updated 1/2/19 January Sampler Box with 88 stems $185.00Add
June Sampler Box with -- 121 stems $222.00Add
UPDATED 2/22/19 March "Spring Fling" Sampler Box with - 142 stems$250.00Add
April "Easter" Sampler Box with -- 133 stems $345.00Add
Updated 1/23/19 February Sampler Box with 155 stems $350.00Add
May (MD) Sampler Box with 171 stems OUT OF SEASON$359.95Add
White Orchid Classic Lei$13.00Add
Ti Leaf Classic Lei$14.50Add
Purple and White Orchid Classic Lei -VERY LIMITED $15.00Add
Purple Orchid Classic Lei - LIMITED$15.00Add
TuTone Orchid Classic Lei - NOT AVAILABLE$15.00Add
Ti Leaf Draping Lei$22.95Add
White Orchid Double Lei$25.00Add
Purple and White Orchid Double Lei - VERY LIMITED $28.00Add
Purple Orchid Double SOLD OUT $28.00Add
Ti Leaf Lei Maile Style$35.00Add
Song of India and Red Ginger Lei with Rosette$38.00Add
Song of India and Pink Ginger Lei with Rosette$38.00Add
White and Maroon Orchid Butterfly Lei - NOT AVAILABLE$43.95Add
Purple Orchid Fancy Lei - NOT AVAILABLE$48.95Add
White Orchid Fancy Braided Lei $48.95Add
White Orchid Premium Lei - NOT AVAILABLE$48.95Add
Purple and White Orchid Butterfly Lei$50.00Add
Single Maile Lei $50.00Add
Purple and White Orchid Christina Lei - NOT AVAILABLE$55.00Add
Double Maile - SORRY SOLD OUT $88.00Add
Lycopodium Stem - Standard$1.75Add
Lycopodium Stem - Long $2.19Add
Lauae Fern Leaf - Standard$1.40Add
Lauae Fern Leaf - Large$1.55Add
Pink Ginger - Large$0.00Add
Pink Ginger - Medium$3.49Add
Pink Ginger - Standard$3.06Add
Red Ginger - Large$3.71Add
Red Ginger - Medium$3.49Add
Red Ginger - Standard$3.05Add
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