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Wholesale Tropical Flowers from Hawaii

A great experience. Never thought that I could have fresh Hawaiian leis 'in my cooler the next day'. It was a hit with my customers and I sold out in hours! - JT

Your prices are better than our local supplier and the product is always fresher too! I'm glad I switched! - LL

We have been having a hard time with our current supplier of tropicals, but you saved us money and solved our problem. Thank you very much! - DN

What a great surprise. We normally don't offer tropicals but after I ordered your sampler box, sales took off! I'm ordering again tomorrow. - GH

Our sampler box order comes in every week right on time. It is always the freshest and most beautiful. With the economy slowing, exotics are making the sales difference for us! - DD

I've never had an easier time ordering! Love your website and your always fresh flowers. Your tropicals set my shop apart from the competition. - PD

Flowers were amazingly beautiful and delivered on time for an important fund-raiser in Cheyenne, WY. It was a critical delivery and I had no problems. - VP

This about the seventh time I have ordered flowers from you and the flowers are always awesome. They seem to last two or three times longer. Great business and I love the free delivery. - LB

Tropical flowers and leis arrived in perfect condition from Hawaii to Texas. I will do business with you again, and highly recommend you to anyone needing tropical flowers. - VC

I have worked with your company before and you have been extremely responsive, patient and knowledgeable. Please let everyone know that I highly recommend THE BEST: Wholesale-Tropical-Flowers.com, to anyone who wants first-class quality and service. - DS

Our standing order has constantantly sold well for us and now we are getting more interest in your fresh leis! Keep up the great work. - JK

Excellent service delivered exactly as promised on your website. Great customer service too. - KL

This was a very easy purchase to make, and I definitely will be doing business with you again when I want to make a big splash-wow impression. - GT

I ordered for Valentine's and Mother's Day 6 months in advance and everything went off without a hitch. Huge order, very fresh, and right on time! Thank you. I really appreciate that you don't raise prices before holidays too! - GA

We are happy to say that your tropicals always sell, so we'd like to place our first standing order. Great job! - JT

Outstanding service and products. Was kept well informed of the status of my order and the products were of great quality. I highly recommend Wholesale-Tropical-Flowers.com to everyone. Please say I said so! - JCH

I've sold nearly 100 leis for graduations and homecomings. There was a big demand and my markup was great! Can't wait for next year... - AD

Our small town had never offered leis for graduation before. Wow, what a HIT! Now we do luau parties too! - RS

I am extremely pleased each and every time I order from you. The tropical flowers are gorgeous and the orchid plants I recently ordered are gorgeous also. - DD

Just what I needed to offer something fresh and new, and its from Hawaii! I let my customers know that, too. You've got a customer for life! - TG

Sometimes the weather here is cold and dreary. When that happens I offer tropicals and get a huge response. Christmas is nuts here! - HJ

I've already ordered for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. I got exactly what I wanted. Can't wait for the big delivery. - WS

Your orchid plants are a bargain and I can't keep them on the shelves! Your customer service is to notch too. - ED

Ecstatic with their freshness and their beauty. THANK YOU! I definitely give you a hearty two thumbs up!!! - MH

My tropicals had never been fresh enough to generate an interest with my clients. Now that I buy from the farm our tropical sales are way up! - MK

Everyone should buy direct from the farm. Everyone should buy tropicals and leis directly from you. Couldn't be happier. - NH

(808) 982-4333   7am to 12 Noon, Monday through Wednesday, Hawaii Standard Time, excluding Holidays


(808) 982-4555

PO Box 6772
Hilo, HI 96720

Please feel free to use this email address for all your concerns and orders. We believe that every email is of importance and deserves our full attention. Click our address to send us an email!

Mahalo for Shopping With Us!
Our business philosophy is to provide you with the highest quality flowers and the most attentive service, filled with the spirit of Aloha because we believe you deserve it.

A Little About Us
Our farms' acreage and our facilities are located on the Big Island of Hawaii in the center of the world's finest tropical flower growing region. This location also gives us easy access to the abundance of acre upon acre of greenhouses of other growers, full of exotic tropical flowers that are quickly available for extremely large or special orders.

We pack literally thousands of flowers every day, and one of our prime concerns is that every flower we pack is received at its destination fresh and beautiful, as our Satisfaction Guarantee promises. To ensure our success, we conduct an ongoing program of shipping tests created by industry specialists over years of intense scrutiny. In this way we make sure our shipping methodology and fulfillment is constantly at the very highest quality level, and that the flowers you receive will indeed be fresh and beautiful.

Each freshly cut flower is placed by hand in our specially developed packing materials created by our packaging engineers to keep flowers as close as possible to their peak of beauty for their journey to you. When you receive your order, we trust you will immediately see the difference in the quality and freshness of your order as a result of our attention to every detail.

We use UPSŪ exclusively as our shipper due to the extra care they take with your flowers which we find is unavailable using other shippers. Two dedicated planes from Hilo send our products to the mainland daily.

We believe that your flowers will be so fresh and in such fine condition that we offer a very generous Satisfaction Guarantee, and stand behind it 100%. Please remember that we are not responsible if your shipment is delayed or lost in transist, as after it leaves our facility, it is in the hands of our shipping agency, UPSŪ

Please contact us about any special order, special service, questions, comments, testimonials, or to just say Aloha!


*  *  *  FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER $150  *  *  *

CALL 1-808-982-4333,  6am - Noon,  M-F,  Hawaii Standard Time

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